Interview with Minoo Gupta, Senior Director of Engineering at Citrix Systems

“Giving Education Your Best Shot Is Key to Success”

Minoo Gupta is the Sr. Director of Engineering, in Cloud and Networking Division at Citrix. Prior to Citrix, she has held various Engineering and Management positions over the last twenty-five years in Systems Software Engineering. Follow her on Twitter at @maziki.

Tell us a little bit about your growing years

I grew up in Lucknow and Delhi. My father worked as a Design Engineer in Indian Railways all his working life, so my schooling was done at Kendriya Vidyalaya in both locations. After I completed my Secondary School, I wanted to be a doctor, or rather, my extended family wanted me to be a doctor. With some luck and persuasion I went to Delhi College of Engineering and completed my Electrical Engineering degree in 1986.

What got you interested in Technology? What was the IT industry like when you graduated from college?

My first stint with technology was during my internship while I was studying at Delhi College of Engineering in the summer of 1984. I worked at Department of Defense in Delhi, India, programming a bouncing ball game using Basic 2. During the course of that internship I was really drawn towards the concept of making computers do what you want by programming and getting instant gratification in the process. I was always good at math and logic, so programming skills came naturally.

I graduated from college at a time when the Indian IT market was just beginning to explode. I was fortunate to pursue my passion for Computer Programming and be employed by one of the top IT companies at the time, Tata Unisys. After completing my rigorous on-the-job training for various Programming Languages and Operating Systems I was placed with the parent company Unisys in Atlanta, Georgia. I travelled to Atlanta in the summer of 1987 and since then I have been in the US working in the computer industry.

What advice would you give your college self? What do you think has helped you be the successful woman you are today?

I am not sure if I would do any thing differently. I believe that hard work, eagerness to learn, and enjoying downtime with family and friends would be my first choice. It may not seem like it, but college years pass really quickly, so staying focused on giving the best to studying and learning is key to an individual’s success. While you may use little of what you learn in college in real life, but the discipline and passion you show in these years will stay with you throughout your life.

My inspiration comes from my parents and then family and siblings. My parents have worked hard with a smile and a sense of purpose, no matter what the circumstances. They have shown me to be strong, graceful and forgiving. These are few of the qualities that set you apart. I inspire and strive to be an individual who leaves a lasting and positive impression on people while our paths cross and we talk together in this world. Some walks are smaller and some longer, but being there as a companion who is supportive, encouraging, truthful and present makes a difference to this journey.

This post was originally published in India West here

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